“Charaben” Bento Box キャラベン


“Charaben” Bento Box

I move to Brunei due to my husband’s business.

Brunei located on the north of the island of Borneo.

To be honest, I have never knew this country until my husband start working there.

Here is amazing. People speak English and Malay language. Also, some people from China so they speak Chinese. It’s multi culture country, not like Japan.

This country’s culture is much close to US, UK than Japan. People generally watch TV or Movie without subtitle. From my view, this culture is between AU to JP, so it’s not completely Asia but also some part of custom and language is closer Western than Japan.

I met some of local friends and found they are doing unique hobby.

They are making Japanese style bento box which is named “Charaben“(キャラベン)


“Charaben” is making lunch box cleave way, using cartoon character, animal or media image. It encourages children’s interesting food.

They showed me their works they are so beautiful.

What I am so surprised is that I have never seen someone have storong passion to make bento box in Japan.

They make Face Book group “Brunei Bentos!

my friend’s work

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