Popular menu “Ramen” 人気のメニュー”ラーメン”



When I arrived in Brunei 21st August, It was in Hari Raya holiday. We were invited many house party by local family.
In one of big party, an organiser kindly explained all local food for me.
He explain Brunei soup noodle as “Kind of Japanese Lamian”. So he knows ramen.

Also, I have a friend who owns most popular food blog in Brunei. He also knows ramen well.
However, In Brunei, there aren’t any ramen shop.

Lamian,Chinese doodle in soup is becomed one of popular Japanese food as the “Ramen”.
It came from china town where start flourishing around international harbour area, Yokohanma, Koube, Nagasaki, Hakodate,
end of Edo period in Japan.

In 1910, Chinese restaurant “Rai Rai ken” had opened for Japanese customer by a Japanese owner in Tokyo.
That became so popular and succeed the business, expanded the business all over the Japan. The restaurant’s main menu is ramen.

For 100 years history, ramen has developed, improved and arranged then it has become original style one than chinese traditional style.

There are variety of original Ramen menu and tastes from different area in Japan.
For example, kyushu Ramen use pork stock soup and Tokyo ramen  mainly use soy sauce soup.

Now, ramen is the kind of most popular national Japanese menu also as international.

In yokohama, Japan, there are Ramen museum.
The Museum has served ramen shops from all over Japan.
You can enjoy all area of Ramen taste.


Ramen Museum

More over, I recommend this movie to know Ramen.

“Ramen Girl”

Ramen Girl

An Amerian girl start training to become Ramen chef without knowledge of Japanese culture and language.
I should not tell the story! he he he!

have enjoy!!

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