Doraemon and Fujiko.F.Fujio ”ドラエモンと藤子不二雄”



Most of Japanese children grew up with Doraemon.
I am also one of them. I loved “doraemon” ,When I was a small child.
I remember most of my friends also have those manga comic books in their book shelve.

Anytime, it’s possible to read the comic book and watch TV program every week.
However, watching doraemon movie is the biggest event for me and my sister.
The movie release every spring holiday. The story become much dramatic and serious than general TV show.
Characters shows tighter and stronger friend ship also has many dramatic scenes. I sometimes dropped tears as so moving.

The movie has kept releasing since 1980. Total 32 movies had made. In this year the movie made 36 hundred million grossed. wow!!

Even adult people love to watch the movie. Some of theatres have “Doraemon all night movie project”.
The movie theatre shows only doraemon’s movie whole night.

Adult can watch the movie without children and feel sweet child time memory.

doraemon movie

The comic author is Fujiko. F. Fujio, he wrote many another manga stories, Perman,
Ninja Hattori Kun or Obake no Q taro.

All characters are so original and cute. It sometime becomes cute character products as same as Hello Kitty.
I found Fujiko.F.Fujio’s character figures. So cute!

Hattori kun

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