Cheap and Quality Japanese products. 安くて質の良い日本の商品。


I bought many house staff, clothes or stationery in Brunei and Australia.
I  felt so disappointed many times as all products are looks same as Japanese one but,
it’s easy to break after using it.

In the worst case, I bought the new laundry net but, It broked after once using.
Also, my husband’s T-shirts has many small holes after several times washing.
My clothes as well. It’s easy to fray and broke after washing.

Finally, I have not expected any product’s quality overseas.

People believe that Japanese products are so expensive. No!!!!
Not at all now.

I can introduce some reasonable, good design and quality shop from Japan.
If you have a chance, please try to buy and give me your feed back!!

DAISO is mega cheap shop, but there are wide variety of things, most of stuff you can buy there.
For example, snack, seasoning, underwear or hardware. In Japan, the shop sell any products 100en only.
In Australia, the price is a bit as high as  $2.80 all equation.

Obviously, the price is reasonable but also quality is really good. Because, quality standard is as same as Japanese one. I bought laundry net in Daiso in Japan in 2003 and bring in Sydney. I still use it and any damage it has.


MUJI is a bit higher price than Daiso and sophisticated product design.
I love their concepts. It’s so smart and ethical.

The Company’s basic principle is to develop new simple products at reasonable prices by making
the best use of materials while considering environmental issues.” ( 14/11/2012

I remember the shop is just start opening in 80’s. Japanese people more tended to buy quality brand stuffs
as Japanese economy was extremely good at that time.

So MUJI company had contrary to general buyer’s thought, high price brand is only able to provide good quality.
Now, people love to buy from the shop.

Muji shop

Last one is “Uniqlo“. It’s cloths shop. Many foreigner who once has lived in Japan became a repeater.
Also local Japanese people love to buy it. When I back to Japan, Every time I went to go shopping  there with my family.

All clothes are so simple design and reasonable price again! Good things of simple design is easy to arrange with another cloths and doesn’t need to care of trend fashion. Uniqlo has done many collaboration design with another designer or characters.
I love Hello Kitty‘s production and uniqlo’s collaboration.

collaboration T-shirts

I  bought many clothes from uniqlo in this August.
Because of that price become cheaper than normal as it was in summer ending sale time
also I found XXL size for my husband in uniqlo on line shop. Some camisoles or shirts are just around $5.

I know Uniqlo’s clothes are keep quality long time. My travel hand back is bought more than 10 years ago around $20
and still it has been any damage now. I still use for travel. I recommend you try to buy.

Uniqlo bag

The uniqlo shop in Narita air port. The shop sell even “Yukata”, summer kimono reasonable price.
If you travel in Japan, Please check it!!

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