Cosplay travel in Japan コスプレの旅


Cosplay is people wearing cloths and making up as similar as their fan of  Animation, game or manga character.
I remember young manga lover start wearing Rum chan, Ranma1/2, Gundum costume
in “Doujinshi”, publication aimed at a particular hobby group, party in 80’s.
I saw many photographies in “Animedia“, animation magazine.

Gandum cosplay

I would like to introduce cosplay sight seen area in Tokyo.

You can see cosplayers, cosplay people, at Jingu bridge next to Harajuku station every sunday.
I think people around this place wear more fashionable style than others.

Akihabara is famous as electronic shopping city, but also good place to see cosplayers.
You might see them  in the street weekdays. There are many players are coming especially  at a pedestrian precinct on Sunday and public holiday.
Most number of people wear fancy maid cosplay dress. because of that Japanese geeks like maid cosplay girl.

Maid in akiba

Thus, maid cafe is becoming popular around the area. In that cafe, Maid cosplay girls works for customers nicely.
They offer to play game, take photos or Karaoke. You could enjoy at this place even with girl friends.

made cafe

Many cosplay shop in Akihabara as well. You can find your favourite cosplay costume around the city.

cosplay shop

If you want to see big cosplay party in Japan, going to cosplay party is the best. You can find the schedule in on line.
The party is occartionaly having in amusement park, pubic hall or theatre.


Some cosprey events are in overseas. Once I enjoyed in Sydney!

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