Purchasing shokunin products 職人の商品を買う


If you like Japanese Cosplay, Figurine, Charaben or Hello kitty stuffs, you might want to buy from Japan.

I recommend to do on line shopping from Japan.
Rakuten Global Market service for overseas customers.

I and Husband often use this shop. For wedding, maternity and baby stuff, and gifts.
It’s not like a e-bay we don’t need to join auction.
It’s possible to buy Japanese culture, tradition or mania products reasonable price.


The shop sale shokunin products.
Japanese traditional craftsman is called “shokunin”, 職人.

Most of Japanese traditional products are design and made by Shokunin.
They have made Kimono, ceramic, bamboo craft, doll, woody furniture, etc,.

Shokunin has taken over the skills and business more than 100 years.


I highly recommend this page.


There are heaps of hand crafts culture in Japan. The feature of products have been  made by depending on the area’s history, culture and climate.
For example, Some area is a prosperous business of Kimono product as naturally having wealthy clean water and string materials,
others are pottery as having clay and forests.

However,  mass production start selling copy products, using cheap material and making in assemble factory,
then sale in market cheap price. Some copy products are made in China.


Real shokunin crafts are cost a bit, but quality is so high, precise, strong, details and last for long .
If you want to see and feel real Japanese tradition, It’s worth to buy it.

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