Cosplay in Brunei! ブルネイのコスプレ!


I really appreciate when I saw many cosplayer in Brunei last night!!
I didn’t expect that people in this country like cosplay things.

Brunei Cosplayer
Brunei Cosplayer

My husband and I went to local hotel for picking up his co-worker from Sydney.
We saw many cosplayer around the hotel. We were wondering and asked some people about it.
They answered the “TFF Expressive Art and Gaming Convention” opened at 5th floor in same hotel.

I immediately went up 5th floor. The event was almost finished but I till saw some booths and cosplayer.

Brunei Cosplayer
Brunei Cosplayer

Cosplayer girls and boys presented their favourite character’s costume really well in this event.
I love that they did perfect pose when I took picture them.

Brunei Cosplayer
Brunei Cosplayer

I was wondering how they prepare those clothes in this country?
As I know only one  fancy-dress shop ,”little M”, in brunei.
However, It’s not for cosplay, it’s more for  Halloween or birthday clothes shop.
A cosplayer told me they bought character costume from online shop from China or sometimes order in local taller shop.

Brunei Cosplayer
Brunei Cosplayer

One girls she wore maid costume she said her brother bought her costume when he travelled  Japan.

I talked a cosplayer girl she said she wants to travel Japan with her friends someday.

Brunei Cosplayer
Brunei Cosplayer

We are so welcome and really happy to hear this comment!

I wrote Japanese cosplay and culture information in this page.

Cosplay travel in Japan

“Gothloli”,Gothic & Lolita fashion

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Japanese Geek,”Otaku”, Culture

I start new Facebook community “Japanese Culture, Art and Design”
introduce Japanese artists to the world.

I would like to introduce more Tohoku artists, from the area
that suffered most in the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.
Please, encourage the artists and designers by commenting on their work if you like it!
Also, If you have a friend who is interested in Japanese culture, please invite them to this community.


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