“Mori(Forest) Girl” Fashion 『森ガール』ファッション


I wrote about “Gothloli” ,Gothic & Lolita fashion before.

This time, I would like to introduce “Mori Girl” fashion.

Mori (Forest) girl is a new girl’s fashion style in Japan.
The theme is the girl who seems to be in the forest, Mori in Japanese.

Forest Girl
From http://matome.naver.jp/

This forest is girl’s fantasy one, it’s from western children story such as
”Little Red Riding Hood” , ”Handel and Gretel” or ”Sleeping Beauty”.

Red Hood

It is girlish fashion-style which presents loosely atmospheres.

About the fashion coordinates is that tights and low and flat
shoes to the loose nostalgic floral design dress of the A-line skirt.

The silhouette shows a layers by wearing clothes one over another, and it covers of the body line.

Thereby appears that soft and loose atmosphere.

Forest Girl2

Originally, this fashion had been seen around Kouenji, Shimokitazawa, Daikanyama in Tokyo.

Since in 2009, the fashioned girls have been appeared in Harajuku.

The fashion is similar to Natural or Lolita fashion style. It’s a bit difficult to distinguish them.


This Mori girl category includes not only fashion and hair style, but also household goods.

They like unbleached texture, nature material and light color, for example,
miscellaneous goods of the North Europe origin of the naturalism.

small stuff

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