Kamakura Craftsmen in Tohoku 東北のかまくら職人


“The Kamakura” is  New Year event to worship god of water.

The Kamakura itself is a room made by carving out a mound of snow, the size is around 3m sq.
And making a household Shinto in the front of the inside to worship god of water.

Child and Kamakura
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Children enter, and say “please enter Kamakura” and “you must worship god of water”
behaves with sweet alcoholic drink and a rice cake .

Two Girl in Kamakura
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Originally “Kamakura” is, not only a thing to watch, to enter and gives a money offering to god of water worshiped
in the front and prays for safety of one’s family, business prosperity and bumper crop.

Around 80 kamakura will be made in Yokote city this year. During a festival period,
people enjoy staying inside of Kamakura and eating sweet alcoholic drink and a rice cake until late night.

I didn’t know the Kamakura is made by professional Kamakura craftsmen.
I thought craftsmen made only products. My past blog I wrote about craftsmen’s work.

Also sushi chef is one of historical craftsmen in Japan.

Making Kamakura

Twenty of kamakura craftsmen start making Kamakura  for the event from 15th to 20th February
in Yokote city in Akita prefecture, Tohoku.

Yokote city’s Kamakura has the history of approximately 400 years.

The view is so romantic!!

Three kamakura
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Map and information about  Yokote City

Also travel information

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