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Tokyu Hands building

When I come back to Japan, I can not stand without not visiting Tokyu Hands store.

As before I wrote about some reasonable and quality shops in Japan.
“Cheap and Quality Japanese Products 安くて質の良い日本の商品”

Tokyou Hands is one of those.
There are around  20 brunch shop all over Japan. I always visit Shinjuku in Tokyo store.

The shop sale house ware, stationary, hobby and culture, art & craft ,
home maintenance, health & beauty and variety.

They said that “when you visit, you find what you want”. It’s totally correct.

The store staff are so generous and kind. It seems they encourage people to do hand made works.
If you have any question, they could answer straight and so polite.

Also, you can find unique idea product with nice design.

My favourite products are souvenir and stationery.

For example, Star Wars chopsticks!!
It imitates as the Lightsabar.
The package shows each main character’s photos!
I keep and decorate this one in my cabinet.

Lightsabar chopsticks
Lightsabar chopsticks
lightsabar package
lightsabar package

Japanese patterned masking tape is so useful.
This one is my friend’s favourite product.
It’s good for gift packaging.
You can find many new variety way for using.

Japanese patterned tape
Japanese patterned tape
Lace tape
Lace tape

Last one is wall sticker.I found it in FB and
I like it! It’s great  idea and design. I would like to put it in my son’s room.

wall sticker
wall sticker

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