Hand Cream from Damaged Area


Kesen Tsubaki Hand Cream
Kesen Tsubaki Hand Cream

Big damaged area from earthquake starts producing hand cream by local community.
The material is local wild camellia, 気仙椿 ”Kesen Camellia”.
So the product name is “気仙椿 (Kesen Tsubaki), Kesen Camellia, hand cream”.

Ishikawa oil refinery established a business in 1955 .
It produced “the Kesen camellia oil” for more than half a century in Rikuzentakata-shi, Iwate.
The company lost their successor son and factory from Tohoku earthquake in 2011 and closed down.

In 2012, the business started working for this local production and contribute the technology to
“Seishou Kan, 青松館”, work facilities for person with a disability.

The facility in charge of production in succession to an oil manufacture technology of the Ishikawa oil refinery.
This business model is for the income improvement of the local revival and person with a disability.

Local people collected Kesen Camellia is bought here.

Hand Work
Hand Work

Comment from founder
“After big earthquake in 3.11 in Japan,
the best method to revival in the disaster area is developing  local industry in small local community.

The project began with the thought.

We aimed at wild “気仙椿, Kesen Camellia ” that grew in the Sanriku coastal area.
We work on development and the brand construction of the Kesen Tsubaki product with local people.

And we embarked on production of the hand cream.

In addition, we consider that we protect the environment of Kesen Tsubaki.
We plant 100 young plants of the camellia tree to protect the forest of the camellia.

Local people picked Kesen Tsubaki up one by one by their hand and collected.

We would like to make a world known cosmetic brand with oil produced from here.
When the person helps to the person, the dream comes true.”

Images and contents from  "https://readyfor.jp/projects/KesenTsubakiDream"
Local people
Local people

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