Fun of the Material of the Tree


I like to introduce craftsmen, artist or designer from Tohoku.

Art exhibition helps local crafts in Tohoku

Artist from Yamagata in Tohoku

New Product Idea from Traditional Japanese Paper

Hideki Saitou is a furniture upholsterer.
Filing Cabinet

His studio is in Iwaki city, where is damaged area by the tsunami with the earthquake,
the number of the dead person and the missing person are 3,837 people
and it’s the worst scale in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku.
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He explain concept of his works  “I made the product which had people know the fun of the material of the tree”.
The charm of the tree certainly presents as there is not unnecessary decoration.

The work which made use of the natural colour of the tree has many variations.
And the wood smells are very different each when approaching.

He cherishes the characteristic of such a tree and make furniture, chair, cabinet or table.

The idea of new furniture make is continuing flexibly.
For example, the sewing machines chair for a leatherworker is easy to sit down on at the time of work.
Or the chair which is knit a bearing surface with the paper string which dyed with a paring.

“I design minutely from small flash idea and make furniture.” He said.
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He accost to people unconsciously when he saw a person cutting a tree.
Because he is seriously interested in the tree.
The connection with people occurred and came to collect various trees.

It is his dream to use the wood from a hometown in the future.

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