The Time of Two Years Passed from an Earthquake Disaster in Japan


The time of two years passed from an earthquake disaster of the East Japan on March 11.

Each person remember that time in each memory.

I was in the centre  of Sydney that time.

A close friend rang me evening  and she said that
“a giant earthquake happened in Japan, then 10 meters tsunami attacked. You should contact the parents’ house .”

I contacted the parents’ house from mobile phone immediately, but couldn’t work.
I contacted over and over again, but do not work.

I couldn’t  think that the tsunami to watch on TV was very true.

I was able to talk with a family after a sleepless night.

Though electricity of the house was stopping,  the family was safe.

All the friends who were in Sydney said
“I avoided to watch on news of the earthquake because I was so scared, and it caused depression”.

I watched news to know the present conditions if possible and contacted a friends.
However, after all it was hard and came to mope by the reality.

Because it was not good mentally, finally my husband suggested me that
I should not watch TV news.

Though we can escape, how about victims in damaged area.

The person who was in the damaged area, they lost a house, lost a family and lost a home town.

They can’t escape from reality.
Their painfulness is much harder than us, who only watch on TV .
pray for victims

Even two years passed, victims are still injured psychologically.

Most people said that
“Time has stopped from that day. The sense that does not proceed is strong.”

What can I do for them?
Now that two years passed, I more strongly think.

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