The Design Studio Contributes For Community


I learned about “ethic” in Uni class.
The main theory is that designer produce not only new products, but also the work is design for people’s life.
Following the ethic theory, designing people’s life style could be more happy, fairly, healthy and safety.

This design studio start this project. I respect their contribution for community.

“We are making Japanese paper in damaged area.
It conveys the thought of the people about earthquake disaster.

people are thinking a requiem, reproduction, revival, a solidarity, a wish, hope, the future.

We named this Japanese paper “MEGURU,annulus, Japanese paper by hand”
so we wish for that a Japanese heart became one thought as annulus .

We collected the trees which fell down at a damaged area of
the coast of Miyagi and processed it into a thin piece.

And bringing it in Kamikawasaki Japanese paper studio of Fukushima,
Touzan Japanese paper studio and Narushima Japanese paper studio of Iwate, where are a damaged area.

Then, finishing each piece by hand work carefully.
hand made paper

We will help it to call for the purchase of this Japanese paper widely on home pages,
and to connect the proceeds with the creation of the work in the damaged area.”

another projects for damaged area.

Project by Women Who Stepped Forward

New Product Idea from Traditional Japanese Paper 

Fun of the Material of the Tree 

Hand Cream from Damaged Area

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