Japanese Dog groomer is Popular


I met many Japanese dog groomers in Sydney.
They seems so happy to work in Australia.

dog groomer

Japanese groomer are so popular in Sydney.
Many popular dog grooming studio keeps Japanese staffs.

I understand why they love to come overseas.

Generally, for becoming a dog groomer in Japan,
they should graduate technical college and start working in shop or studio as a trainer.
As a trainer, some shop just give doing dog shampoo work so a trainer could not touch scissors for a few years.

dog grooming school

It sounds same as sushi shokunin’s discipline.
Fake Japanese Restaurant

On the other hand, oversea work place provides better conditions.
The wage and work condition is nicer than Japan.
And care of dog is much advance than Japan.

Also they learn new things and have a chance to meet international people.

dog grooming shop
Many dog groomers talked to me their future dream and I love to hear that.
It’s so lovely!!

A middle aged woman wants to start own dog grooming shop.

A young girl wants to move to Hawaii and work in there.

A woman wants to travel many countries and to experience international dog grooming style.

In Brunei, here is Islam country. Islam people don’t welcome dogs.
However, I met some people still have pet dog.
toy poodle

If someone make Japanese dog grooming shop in Brunei, people would love it!!

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