Takamasa Sakai’s White Porcelain Work 酒井崇全の白磁作品


For me, white porcelain was just ordinary stuff before .
All are plain kinds of tableware.
Or ordinary colourful and small European figurines.

It’s stereotype thought. What I thought before seeing his art works.

mr. sakai

Takamasa Sakai’s work shows, white porcelain can be transformed into variety of unique forms.

His art is  based on Japanese old tale or legend.
Moreover, He added some his unique design elements, that effects a lot so it’s being more attractive.

He made a useful porcelain stuff, but also it has element of art & design object. I imaged Alessi works.

The material and his sophisticated and detail work are perfectly matching.

White Porcelain has a lot of potential to be great art work as he proves it!
masks on the wall

The white porcelain is a generic name of the porcelain which spent transparent glaze on the base.

White porcelain was made with the exception of iron content from the base of the celadon porcelain and glaze.
White porcelain has been already made for (618 through 907) in the times of Chinese Tang.

It is from after 1610 of the porcelain of Arita, that was made in earnest in Japan.
It spread out in the whole country to prosperity and at the same time of Arida rapidly.

Because the quality of form is clear, the skill of the potter’s wheel is important to the white porcelain.


Details of his works at

All photos by Takamasa Sakai

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