Japanese Ball-Jointed Doll


yurisasan doll
I was so surprised when I researched about Japanese ball-jointed doll.

All doll has own name and seems having many fans.
it’s high quality and artistic.
Obitsu komono doll

I believe that the doll is not only  kinds of figurine, but also Plastic model.
There are variety of body parts, accessory, clothes or make-up products for it.
Many otaku people like to arrange their doll’s body proportion, hair or fashion by their favour.
cute obitsu doll

The Obitsu in Tokyo and The Volks in Kyoto are big main production company in Japan.

About “Obitsu Body” by Obitsu

Obitsu Body is that registered trademark of the element assembly ,
which is using hard plastic and the using soft vinyl, produces in Japan and sells.
It has various types of bodies and heads parts, it’s from 11cm to 65cm.
It is used as basic element assembly for a body of the Ball-jointed doll of the major toymaker a lot.

About “Super Dollfie” by Volks

It is the  Ball-jointed doll made by synthetic resin for the general public. It’s produced and sold by Volks Inc.
The product provides the customisation for the user, for example, the clothes, the exchange of the wig,
the re-paint of  the face , the exchange doll eye and the remolding of parts.

It’s possible to  enjoy “the customization” at various levels.

body parts


images from_http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/オビツボディ,http://www.obitsu.co.jp



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