“Hang in There!” from Disaster Stricken Area


The Minamisanriku Mishin Koubou (Minamisanriku sewing machine studio)
has been founded by ” The sewing machine working project” for women were
damaged by big earthquake in 2011.
The studio is supporting their job and encouraging their life.

damaged city
photo by Shinya Sawai

They have a big thought, when they are making product.
“wishing to revive our city. And being thanks for all people who is helping them.”

From all over the Japan, people contributed sewing machines for them.
They are using those sewing machine and working heartily everyday.
Every product attach a tag, which is showing who made the one.
The person get income from the sale except overhead expenses.
working women
people, who is living the damaged area in Tohoku, need long term job for their life.
Moreover, making products makes them feel heart warm and it becomes joy.

Gathering around sewing machine and doing work together helps to make their community.
The area is revitalized, too.
When mothers become fine, both the home and the area become bright.

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