What Is a Kagami Mochi, Round Rice Cake?


kagami mochiWhat is a Kagami mochi, round rice cake? When I read the history, to begin with people believed that god mediate with person with the round mirror-shaped rice cake.

Japanese family share this rice cake together in “a fine day” in hope of one-year happiness, and eat. It is Japanese faith and culture to receive a blessing from God. In other words a rounded rice cake offered to god and after that, people can have it.

Why do people start to call “ kagami kochi, mirror rice cake” ? One of reason is that the rounded  rice cake is a similar shape as ancient mirror. from old time, people believe the god reside in the mirror.

many rounded rice cakeOr, the mirror is meaning look at by ourself. in other words, each one thought from in light of a copybook and a good model, it’s like a look at ourself by mirror.

Reflecting on ourself in Japanese is “ kangamiru”. The sound had slightly changed and in the end, people called it “ kagami” . So, the mirror in Japanese is “kagami”.

mochitukiMore over, round shape is symbol of a harmonious household. And piling up of rice cake is meaning of that happy adding ages.

It’s not clear as the origin of the round rice cake. In Genroku period (1688-1704), the old picture shows that pile of the both rounded and diced rice cakes. So this is the oldest of the round rice cake in the history.

The act feeling to thank for having been safe for one year is very peculiar Japanese culture with the history.

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