There are thoughts that can’t be expressed with words


family portraitAfter the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 in Tohoku, people have tended to place great importance on friendship and family relationship and are now spending more time together. Some people lost their beloved family momentarily from the disaster. They spent time and share many things, laughing, arguing or eating together everyday.

Children draw many portrait of father, mother or family. Whey they are doing? They might know the most important things without thinking about reason. I think that it is the origin of the love.

wedding portraitThere are thoughts that can’t be expressed with words. However, their importance can be expressed through art. Egaodepot takes a passionate interest in expressing your happy memories and your affection to the ones you love with a one-of-a-kind portrait.

“Every day, Egaodepot produces portraits with the smiles, feelings and kindness that you want to share. Our illustrators and staff will help you as one to convey wonderful emotions.

paiant toolIn their lives, people experience a variety of encounters and emotions. These are precious memories precisely because those experiences are amazing miracles.

A portrait can depict a universe that cannot be seen in photos. However, this is not just about drawing a simple portrait. We create a custom-made portrait by contriving various elements such as a composition, a background, a pose, etc.

wedding board
Moreover, we are striving to use a perfect analog format. This takes efforts, a high cost and time, unlike the digital format where everything is made using a template and printing it.

Nonetheless, we at Egaodepot believe that it is the best way to convey uniqueness, kindness and feelings.

family portraitThe name “Egaodepot” means “a place to gather smiles”. We envision Egaodepot as a place where everyone’s smiles are gathered and make those who see them smile as well.”
by Egaodepot

In these days when everything becomes digital, analog-made objects are immensely precious.
It is wonderful to be able to express affection for our loved ones through a one-of-a-kind portrait. The sender and the receiver will both contemplate the painting with a happy smile. Be sure to offer one to your loved ones!

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