How to Enjoy Ball-Jointed Doll


obitstu doll long hair girlAfter having purchased a ball jointed doll, this man noticed pleasure of this doll. He gives a name of his hobby as the “Doll Life” and thinks about various ways of enjoying. It’s surprised of that he is a middle age and his wife seems to show understanding of his hobby.

You can see as below how he enjoys his hobby. I also think “it looks so fun”. On the other hand, it’s a little spooky to shower love and affection to the doll that does not have feelings.

“I sometimes change a wig and have clothes made newly once a year. When I felt like it, I try to makeup to dolls by oneself. I think customised doll is very good idea. I have almost 50 dolls those are an ornament collection. Interestingly those face and atmosphere are changed completely after changing  makeup.

joint ball dollClothes and the wigs which I bought because I think it’s good to a doll. but there aren’t matching with them, and there is the reverse case as well. It’s quite fun to see unexpected change by custom made coordinations than making my favourite styled doll.

If you are the first time purchasing of this doll, you might buy complete coordinated doll, which is wearing clothes and wigs. At first, you would be impress and satisfy to have this doll and think “ This is so cute!!”. After taking time, please try to get different styled wigs and clothes from you had. You would experience that atmosphere of doll is completely changing after changing wigs and clothes.

ball jointed doll_movingThe Obitsu doll is very superior in mobility and retentivity of joint. Because it is mobility doll, please let doll do a pose. It is more interesting to take photograph of doll, doing various poses. Please enjoy it.”
I feel I want to have one!?

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