How to Learn Japanese Language Easily


nike JapanFinding an English-speaking environment in Japan was very difficult. It was either going to an expensive English conversation school or a language school, or finding an English-speaking environment myself. Going to sports bars and Irish pubs, and participating in Japanese language schools’ volunteer events were how I finally got close to real English.

Conversely, I think it’s also difficult to find a Japanese speaking environment and to learn Japanese overseas.

fluentu - homeHowever, as technology has advanced, one can find many courses on the Internet.
The revolutionary online course I tried recently is especially fun to study.

I learned something while studying English. One’s language skills improve through experience. So it depends on how realistically the teaching materials reflect the local lifestyle.

I also think the point is how interesting it is. For some reason, it is easier for people to learn interesting words. When it’s interesting, it’s easy to get into it and learn.
fluentu - watch videoThis “FluentU” course let’s you experience that.
You study through watching videos, and it focuses a lot on the real life and culture of Japan, and it’s fun even for learning the culture.

My husband is studying Japanese, so we tried it too. The moment he started using it, my husband burst out laughing. Then he said, “Watch this with me!” It was so funny that I test yourself laughed too. This course has very interesting content. You can enjoy it with friends and family too.

It also has great usability.
First, you can choose the video content yourself. It’s easy to view because the words used in the video are displayed on the screen.
You can pause scenes where you want to study or listen by moving your cursor.

What also impressed me was how each word used in the videos were explained in visuals.
I think a visual explanation for words are effective in encouraging the right-brain.

The Japanese language is difficult, but I believe one can dramatically improve by having fun in studying.

All image from FluentU

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