The Greeting Cart is Not Popular in Japan?


wrappingAustralian shops already start selling and decorating Christmas things. I am wondering in Japan. I think Christmas decoration is starting November.

I saw a shop booth, there are many variety of Christmas cards and wrapping papers. Those thing was unfamiliar for me. Because, wrapping service is provided by gift shop and greeting cart is not popular in Japan.

wedding post card

In Japan, a customer is possible to chose wrapping paper and ribbon at the shop counter. While waiting wrapping service, we can look around the shop and waiting until they done. Some people look closely process of wrapping in front of them. They seems so nervous, of cause they need to do good job for important gifts.

The greeting card is not so much important in Japan. When I present to someone, I have never prepare a greeting card. I think post card is much popular thing. New year greeting, lantern festival greeting and wedding invitation are generally used post card.

engage post cardWriting those post card is so stressful because, they have a lot of manner and formal rule to write. Especially, sending to boss and senior is necessary to very carefully detail check.

However, Australian greeting card is so sweet and warmful. I feel people love to show their feeling in it. What I like is that I don’t need to worry about formal contents, just showing my honest feeling. I am start sending Japanese family as well. It’s great way to show love to post cardyour beloved friends and family!

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