Our Ancestors Know Japanese Quality


ultraman apronJapanese hand manufacturing products has a long history. There are still people who have continued producing it historically. And there are the “production areas” where these people have lived at the area since old time.

For example, our apron is produced by those “production areas”.
-production areas of apron is at Toyohashi in Aichi prefecture.
-production areas of work clothes is at Okayama prefecture and at Fukuyama city in Hiroshima prefecture.
-production areas of such as indigo dyeing and grand parentsKendo uniform is at Hanyū, city in Saitama prefecture.
-Production area of the dyeing is at Sumida ward, Tokyo prefecture.

Our great-grandparents, nay, even our ancestors from further back in time, lived their lives wearing Japanese crafted goods that have real relevance to everyday life.

Just take the mae-kake (Japanese apron). It has firmly endured, its form unchanged, for several hundred years. So, why is it that these crafted goods enjoy such long, continued use?

craftman2Because important things that are impervious to time, such as things that feel comfortable as a human being or items that are good for the environment and humans, surely existed.

We think that people of the past possessed a considerable amount of important knowledge, which they used to craft goods and continually use them.

But how about today? Wouldn’t you say many things tend to get judged only by their superficial, exterior appearance?

apron womanThe state of Japanese craftsmanship changes greatly in a few decades after World War II.

Although the changes of time is only natural, and with this, it is inevitable that certain things get weeded out, we feel that we are losing something important.

We would like to have as many people as possible know about these Japanese craftsmanships which need to be passed on to the next generation, and the Japanese mind and the spirit that needs to be preserved. We’d also like to pass these things on to the next generation.

This is what we believe we were meant to do in life—
To craft things of good quality, and to have the people of the world regard them and use them.
And we feel daily that we’d like this world to change to a place where we can say in one voice with you, our readers, that Japan is a great place.

by Mr. Nishimura, company president of Anything
All images from http://www.anything.ne.jp

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