Women in Fukushima, struggling to come to terms with lives


girl with earrings Fukuiro Pierce, this accessory were made by a group of local women in Fukushima, struggling to come to terms with their new lives.  These works have given them a focus, reminded them of the beauty of life and given them hope for the future.

We have rediscovered the value of the Fukushima region and would like to share this with the world, and at the same time establish our own identity. Our aim is to aizu cottoncommunicate with the young women living in the Fukushima prefecture, and also collaborate and workshop with manufacturers to help spread our message of positivity and hope.

What sets Fukuiro Pierce apart from any other jewellery is the cotton particular to the Aizu region, with over 400 years of history. packageThey took the Aizu cotton, sandwiched it between acrylic resin, and what resulted were adorable transparent coloured earrings that are reminiscent of tiddlywinks, or little coloured counters. And so this is how the eight colours of Fukuiro Pierce earrings were born.

When you gaze at Fukuiro Pierce earrings you can ponder: ‘I wonder what the young girlscolour of the sky in Fukushima is today?’ Even when you are on the other side of the earth, this is the message embedded in each unique colour. Delve deeper and you will notice with the shapes; the circle, triangle, square; there lies another message. In Fukushima, choices the rest of the world takes for granted, are not on the table for a large majority, at least we have a choice for each and every one of us with Fukuiro Pierce earrings.

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