The Newest Kotatsu


Sydney is winter now so it’s really cold stay out side especially without sun light. I and mamatomo( mum friends , having small kids) often catch up at park. And having lunch together the park. The park is great to take children summer time but so cold winter. We talk about how we spent winter time in Japan. All are living in Sydney for long time. forgetting how was Japanese winter. Even we complain that Sydney’s winter is cold, but here is much warmer temperature than Japan.

A friend start talking about high technology of Kotatsu product in Japan??. She said Kotatsu is really developed in Japan. I am wondering how??
Let’s see what is newest Kotatsu here!!

Coverless Kotatsu
It doesn’t need to set up cover blanket. Even looks nice interior!
cover less kotatsufamily cover less kotatsu

Flat type Kotatsu
having more space inside!
flat type kotatsuflat kotatsu black

Kotatsu Corner Sofa
it must be comfortable! I would like to have one

kotatsu corner sofakotatsu corner sofa






Design Kotatsu
Looks nice furniture! It seems not a Kotatsu!

living design Kotatsu

design Kotatsu







Pet Kotatsu
I have never thought it, but it’s possible!
good to present your dog or cat?!
pet kotatsu pet kotatsu 2
pet Kotatsu
op image from:

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