Mama Chari Is a Proud of Japanese Product


Australian bike riderThe use of bicycles in Australia still remains unfamiliar to me. Here, even women ride sport bikes with high seats (the seat is about the same height as the handle) and narrow wheels, and with style. Wearing a helmet, a pack on their back and a water bottle at their side, they bike around on roads.

Mama chari ride
Whenever I see them, I think of how different the culture is.

In Japan, it’s different. Most bike on sidewalks and don’t wear helmets. There is always a basket on the front to carry light things. The seat on the back can carry heavy things tied down with an elastic band. Junior and senior high school students carry their bags on the back because their textbooks are heavy.

Mama chari blackMothers also use bicycles regularly for shopping and when they send off or pick up their children. In Japan bicycles for mothers are called, “Mamachari”.

They have many types of baskets and child seats. The seats are low and designed to be easy-to-ride for women.

Since my son will start going to school the year after next, I told my husband, “I want Mamacharito take him to school by ‘Mamachari’.” But he insisted, “It’s dangerous! Not in Australia.”

If it comes to this, I’m determined to create a mamachari boom in Australia.

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