Camellia Festival in Oshima


CamelliaFrom the end of January to the second half of March, the Camellia Festival is held on Izu Oshima.

The Camellia Tunnel near Oshima Park, the main venue for the Camellia Festival, is close to my grandmother’s house.

Beyond the roughly 100m long tunnel is an old tree more than 200 years old.The best time to Camellia tonnelsee it is during the Camellia Festival time period.

After my grandmother passed away, I stopped going, but it is my dream to come back from Australia with my children to see it together one day.

rockIzu Oshima is roughly 120km south of Tokyo, and it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to reach it by jet ferry from Tokyo.

The island’s characteristics are the year-long warm climate thanks to the Kuroshio Current and the unique terrain with volcanic Mount Mihara soaring in the middle of the island that makes a fantastical scenery. The distinctive view is so rich with nature that it cannot be miss Camelliaimagined from Tokyo. The perimeter of Oshima is about 50km, and the roadway that encircles the island is wonderful for a drive. Highly recommending to visit traveling Tokyo area.

Oshima is a marvelous island overflowing with charm. Please do visit it.

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