Japanese Type Yakitori Restaurant in Crows Nest – Yakitori Yurippi


yakitori cookingJapanese yakitori restaurants are often small shops on narrow back streets where you can sit at a counter seat eating grilled meat on a stick, where various kinds of alcohol, sake, beer, whisky and wine, are served and you can enjoy conversation. They are like pubs, but can also be enjoyed just for the delicious yakitori. Small spaces where even if charcoal soot stains the interior, it is accepted as just part of the atmosphere.

There is that kind of Japanese type yakitori restaurant in Crows Nest.  Yakitori Yurippi can please customers as a Japanese style yakitori restaurant.

yakitori dineer The last time I went there with my friends and talked about work.  While drinking beer we told each other “good job” and that small space helped us deepen our conversation and relationships.  The yakitori is delicious, too, so we also drank a beer.

It’s the kind of place which is common in Japan, but rare in Australia. It reminded me of the post-work drinking parties I often had in Japan.

Also an owner of the restaurant, Mr. Tin-san kindly order the custom order Shirakawa drama from Fukushima. The Daruma are decorating at the restaurant.

yurippi daruma Please visit and enjoy!!

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