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armor samurai katanaThe spirit of Bushido is based on Benevolence, Justice, Respect, Wisdom, Fidelity, Loyalty and Sincerity. Within the spirit of Bushido, there is no discrimination or distinction among people.
The beauty of Bushido lies in the mind of self-discipline.

Benevolence: Showing compassion, even towards an enemy.
Justice: Showing fairness, condemning foul play Samurai armoreven when the superior contender wins.
Respect: Showing consideration of others, in a form others can see.
Wisdom: Ascertaining the true nature of things, always cultivating knowledge.
Fidelity: Showing trust and trustworthiness, working to fulfill promises given by word if not by contract.
Loyalty: Showing voluntary faithfulness to loved ones, while not being faithful or submitting to superiors one does not respect.
Sincerity: Following through on one’s words, standing by them till death, and if broken, atoning even if by death. In other words, Fidelity only exists in the presence of Sincerity.

real samurai Bushido, the foundation of the samurai, teaches a path for people to live as people.
Therefore, a samurai avoids meaningless killing and never draws their sword except in extreme situations.
Simply carrying a katana is not enough to earn the title of “samurai.”


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