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sake tasting

The Best Sake Ranking in Japan

I am not sake fan. However, after attending sake tasting party, I changed mind because, those best sakes overturned my stereotype thought about …

Japanese inn

The Newest Kotatsu

Sydney is winter now so it’s really cold stay out side especially without sun light. I and mamatomo( mum friends , having small …

charity exhibition

Concept of the Charity Exhibition

The charity exhibition at GOJYUAN, Japanese traditional inn,  successfully finished. We are so impress many people came and showed interesting our event. …

hanahuda card game

Traditional Card Game, Hanafuda

Hanafuda are a type of traditional Japanese cards and is also the name of a traditional card game. Hanafuda cards are distinctive …

Japanese old Santa

Japanese Santa Claus

I found interesting topic. A Japanese guy becomes a official Santa Claus. He passed Santa Claus examination in Denmark. It’s authorised by …

tokyo tower

Japanese Christmas

The Christmas event hadn’t been Japanese culture. I believe Japanese Christmas was started as commercial purpose. For sale of cake, present, gift, …