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shibori zome

Shibori Zome World

My image of Shibori zome is a kind of activity for children. In kindergarden or school. we enjoyed this activity part of …

Japanese old Santa

Japanese Santa Claus

I found interesting topic. A Japanese guy becomes a official Santa Claus. He passed Santa Claus examination in Denmark. It’s authorised by …

tokyo tower

Japanese Christmas

The Christmas event hadn’t been Japanese culture. I believe Japanese Christmas was started as commercial purpose. For sale of cake, present, gift, …

traditional apron

Our Ancestors Know Japanese Quality

Japanese hand manufacturing products has a long history. There are still people who have continued producing it historically. And there are the “production areas” …

Japanese greeting

How to Learn Japanese Language Easily

Finding an English-speaking environment in Japan was very difficult. It was either going to an expensive English conversation school or a language school, …