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Noren family crest

Kamon, Japan’s Family Crests

Kamon—Japan’s family crests—originally referred to as “mondokoro” or “ie no monsho,” were motifs used to express the identity of each family in …

plastic box

Japanese Tidy Space Technique

Some people say Japanese house is like a rabbit cage. It’s true. Even some unit has three bed room, space of each …

hands and kiseru

Japan Has Own Unique Tobacco Culture

The Japanese smoking pipe and finely shredded tobacco are examples of how Japan has it’s own unique tobacco culture.  Smoking culture originally …

key ring Daruma

Unique Daruma Transforming For You

ArtLab is supporting traditional craft from Fukushima. Shirakawa Daruma can make variety of design for you. It’s possible to make unique corporate …

Hello kitty

Behind The Story of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a popular and beloved character all over the world. However, the character wasn’t so much popular when it was …

sake tasting

The Best Sake Ranking in Japan

I am not sake fan. However, after attending sake tasting party, I changed mind because, those best sakes overturned my stereotype thought about …