Japanese Calligraphy


Japanese calligraphy is historically came from China. However, the Japanese one have strongly connection to Zen Buddhism. When making it, the posture and concentration is the important to calm down feeling.

example shodou
Practise with grandma

Most of Japanese children have experienced it especially between primary and junior high school time. I remember every summer holiday had homework of calligraphy art work. My grandma helped me and my sister work out it.

In her house, we should knee on the tatami mattress. She strictly check my posture. My neck and back must be straight and keep stomach muscle strong. She stay behind me and check brush movement and stroke. If I was thinking about out of it, the stroke shows wrong and easily to mistake.

After ten minutes it, my leg started sleeping. I often think how I can escape from this strict activity. For children, it’s a bit boring and annoying thing.

However, I am leaving school, becoming adult then my grandma pass away.
Now,I really miss it.

I would like to learn it from my grandma again!

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