Japanese Traditional Folk Music


My friend, Yuki came from Japan to Sydney end of January 2011.

I met her when I was 19 years old at that time, she has already had a dream which she would like to live in Okinawa.

She play Okinawa folk music, Okinawa music.

Ryukyu music is mysterious.

The sound of Okinawa guitar swing and song voice presents listener imagination of  big and small wave in Okinawa.
Okinawa is island and the culture is strongly related to oceans. Listener feel relax and like been the part of the tide.

My husband, Australian, loves the music because famous Japanese musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto often captures and uses this folk music many times.
However, without Japanese culture fun, most of people don’t know this beautiful and traditional culture music.

I set up for Yuki to play this music in Japanese festival 28th of January in Manly
and The World Bar in Kings Cross in Sydney while she staying Sydney.
Hope people enjoy her music and someone start interesting of it.

Yuki’s song

In the case, I write Yuki’s Profile:

Yuki Tanabe – Music Artist and Performer

  • 1995 Studied under Mr. Seishu Matayoshi, Chief instructor, Master of Okinawa Folk Music in Okinawa.
  • 1999 Promoted and released original music CD “Tide”. Started live performance shows.
  • 2010 Awarded the best performer in Okinawa folk music association award.
  • 2011 Certificated Japanese instrument instructor licence. Opened the Okinawa folk music study class. Performed many live shows.

The photo image as below is a Yuki
Yuki with yukata

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