Japanese Christmas


I can tell how different from Australia and Japanese Christmas.

In Australia, christmas day is in the summer. In Japan, christmas is cold and sometimes snow is falling in the day. It’s so obvious to tell.

Moreover, Japanese christmas day is for couples. Most of young boys and girls spend 24th night together. Close to christmas day, couples book luxury hotel or dinner for spending romantic time with partner. Then they exchange expensive christmas present in the day. It’s kind of the biggest opportunity to celebrate their relationship or finding out a special partner for spending this time.

It becomes big commercialise event!!

However, some small percentage Japanese christian would spend the day as traditional way.
Also, family have small kids would have family day. but, the children become old, around 16th, they go out with partner. It’s a bit sad for parents. Be honest, I did for my mum and she looks so sad when I was 16th.

I love Australian christmas.
It’s more family days!

I spend the day with my husband’s family. All family, from baby to grandma, spend together and exchange gifts. Eating, drinking, chatting and singing.

I hope Japanese christmas change as same as like this!

young couple
Couple spend christmas day

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