My Kanji Cloths Shop & Japanese Characters


I love drawing Japanese calligraphy and made many unique Japanese characters. I draw whatever I love and make a little bit of colours.

Finally I decided to put my character on T-shirts, baby suit, bib and blanket.

The shop name is Masayolab.

Baby suit
Baby suit

As you know the Hello Kitty, Ape by NigoDoumo-kun or Doraemon
Those famous character come from Japan.

There are many kinds of products ,T-shirts, notebook, pillow or cup etc., with these characters.
It’s easy to find the character goods shop in the city.

Japanese people love and show their collection of character goods. Even becoming adult, people buy hello kitty goods without embarrassing feeling. As the people love “Kawaii”,   cute in Japanese, things. “Kawaii” is kind of same as beauty and sexy. Many girls prefer to wear “Kawaii” fashion,make up and hair style.

The example of extremely style is Gothic Lolita in the Harajuku.

I believe Japanese people familiar with cartoon and animation so people want to have those goods also want to wear animated style fashion.

I want to make more Japanese style characters which mixing up “kawaii” and  tradition.

Hope you enjoy to see my drawing.

Rabbit says "Aaa-h!"
Rabbit says “Aaa-h”

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