Japanese Paper Craft – Origami


Happy Merry Christmas!!

I am so happy to spend this day in Australia as usual!!
I sometime missing white christmas in Japan.
However, I love my family in Australia and happy to spend with them this beautiful day.

Yesterday, I struggle to wrap 15 presents for family. Then, today I will buy another 3 presents and wrap it would be total 18 works. It’s so hard!!

In Japan, wrapping includes shop service. Each shop has own design wrapping paper and bows.

The things sometimes causes using too much paper as the shop wants customers show and presents great service as marketing.

I love to do wrapping by myself as I think wrapping is similar to the origami concept.

The origami is traditional Japanese culture. It’s kind of art activity for kids In the kindergarden also old people in the retirement house.

Children made tulip, ship, air plain or fish by origami and drawing on the top of them or put those works on the big paper and drawing their imagined view and worlds.


I often teach origami to Australian people.
One day, I did origami in the cafe, many people came to me and asked me how to do.
I gave them my origami work, especially for children.

For I and my husband’s wedding party last year, I made more than 70 origami cranes. Putting on the each guest’s table.

Around one year after, I visited mother in law’s house a month ago, she has already decollated christmas tree. I looked at carefully it and fond out that on the top of the tree, the origami crane was hanging.

She took away my wedding origami cranes then uses for christmas decoration!
Ha Ha Ha!!

Anyway, again. Happy Merry Christmas and please spend good time all!!!


Origani crane
Origani crane: Orizuru

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