Japanese and Australian Family Holiday


I and my husband enjoyed christmas days to visit our family and friends. In 24th, We went to Balmoral Park next to Balmoral wharf. There was so beautiful and the day was perfect weather, not so much hot and no raining. We did BBQ pick nick party and exchanged christmas presents.

Many families came and had pick nick around there.

What I love in Australia, we don’t  need to spend money to have events.
There are many beautiful park and beach. We just bring our food and drink there and enjoy beautiful outside view.

Moreover, many culture events are free. Music, art, design, food or markets event doesn’t charge all.
Good for family to spend reasonable holiday!

On the other hand, In Japan, all events need entering fee and it ‘s cost a lot.
Especially, around the city, any place to have relax pick nick or relax family events.

I and husband sometimes talk about living in Japan in the future.I prefer to live country side and just having experience living Japan should spend just a few years are fine for us.

Australia is the best place to live with family!!

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