Japanese Adult Game, Cartoon and Video Culture


Japanese Adult comics, game and video are famous in the world. There are many productions and the sales of product is number No. 1 in the world.

Internationally the adult cartoon and video are popular.

Maybe it’s kinds of Japanese culture or art?? If I can talk about it positive.
On the other hand, It could be harmful things for the children.

When I was a Uni student.
I researched about how those of images effects children and their educations.

I would not talk about research details in here.

I believe any countries has same problems as Japan. Or it going to be serious problem
in the future.

What I wanted to point this problems. Japanese situation is much serious as children are too easy to have a chance to see adult pictures in the public places. Also violent scene in the cartoon, in the magazines and internets.

Most of stories in the adult production, game and cartoon, uses child abuse scene.
In the cartoon, it’s difficult to say how old the character. Most main characters doesn’t’ develop chest and no under hair.

Some adult simulation game’s story are that beautiful girl is raped and made pregnancy.
It names “insult game”. It’s so cruel but user enjoy it just as game play.

I hope the sort of things are strictly banned.

Some foreigners say that Japan is the “pedophile country”.

As a Japanese, mother and woman this is so sad and hope it could be changed soon!!

why children wear sexy clothes??

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