Last Ninja ”最後の忍者”


Ninja is existing from 1185 kamakura period  to 1868  Edo period, the most activate time is in the Warring State Period 15c to 16c.
In that time, most of Daimyo, Japanese feudal load use Ninja for kind of the special force to win the battle.
Ninja was doing espionage, nfiltration tactics or sabotage.


Ninja use unique and original way to do battle. Ninja’s tool and Weapon are named “Ningu“.
For example, “Shuriken” is hand-thrown blade. It’s so famous and well known as Ninja weapon.


“Ninjustu” is Ninja Art, includes military arts and  Espionage technique, disguise art, psycho art , invasion technique and
pharmacy for controlling toxics.

It’s still possible to learn Jinjutu, Ninja art, training.
As a guy is a last Ninja family’s descendant and keep sending his family Ninja heritage.

It’s so impressive. Even I am Japanese, want to go to learn someday.

Also, there are Ninja Museum.
You can see demonstration shows featuring ninja skills and real weapons.


Someday, I should take my son there!!

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