Travel with Cheap Food in Japan. 安く食べる日本の旅。


Typically, Most of people believe travel in Japan is expensive.
I want to say again No! No! No!

Depending on what type of travel style you choose.

Today, I am introducing travel with reasonable price food in Japan.
It’s cheap, price is less or around $10 all places but, also you can experience Japanese local life style as well.

Talking about Break fast, If you stay in the business hotel or weekly apartment, you need to prepare it by yourself.

I suggest to go family restaurant or convenience store.
Family restaurant normally open from 6:00 am and have break fast menu.
You can choose either Western or Japanese menu from many range of lists
My friend and I enjoy 600 yen, around $6.5 break fast every day while staying in Tokyo.

Also going to convenience store and taking away in your hotel room is one of choice.
Japanese convenience store opens 24 hours.

Lawson convenience shop

Even the small shops has heaps of foods such as Sandwich, Bread, Rice ball, pasta, wrap, pork bum, salad or sushi etc.,
Price is cheap and fresh. You can ask shop staff to warm up your food.

>sandwich menu
>Rice ball menu
>Bread menu

Both family restaurant and Convenience store are in close to station.
You can find those shops so easy.

Experiencing Japanese traditional food is also not necessary to pay so much.

Sushi train restaurant “Sushirou” is one of reasonable place shop.

Sushi train price

In this restaurant, Most of sushi are 105 yen .Normally I are 7 dish so total price is less $10.

Tenya is Tempura chain store. Taste, Quality and Quantity are quite good and price is
One Tendon, Tempura Bowl, is just 500 yen.

Ootoya is a very popular chain restaurant in Japan that specializes in home-style teishoku.
Teishoku meaning is Meal Sets. It includes miso soup, rice and side dish with main dish.
Japanese people love to eat Teishoku.

Ramen is the one of Japanese national food. I highly recommend to go local ramen shop.
Even there are long queue in front of the shop, It’s exactly worth to wait.
Also price is around 1000yen, around $10,only.

I found the site,“Best ramen shops in Tokyo”.
Please, check it!

At the dinner time, I recommend to go Izakaya.
the place have “Nomihoudai” is all you can drink, service.

You pay fix price, start from around 3000yen per person, which includes dinner set or
pay extra price around 500 to 1000 yen, then you can get “Nomihoudai”service.

The menu of Nomihoudai is depend on the shop, but normally beer, sake, shochu, house wine, cocktail or soft drinks.
My husband surprised when he find the Nomihoudai service at the first time.

Izakaya menu

If you have a party with friends, It’s good to use the service.
I hope you enjoy travelling in Japan!

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