Manga magazine マンガ雑誌


Any generation people love to read Manga in Japan.
You can see even public place, train, library or book store, many adults read manga magazine or comics.

All manga run as serial story in monthly or weekly manga magazine at the first, there are many stories in side, then,
each story publish as a manga comic book later.

Recently,Down loading online manga story is becoming popular.

There are many types of manga magazines.I and sister loved monthly girls manga magazine “Ribon” or “Margaret“.
When we were child. Also the magazine provides nice appendix, hand bag, pen, porch or handkerchief, printing their original characters.
The magazine has around thirty of different stories by different author.
It takes around two or three hours read through all stories.


Most of story are talking bout love especially one-sided love in high school or junior hight.
Characters are wearing cute school uniform, mini skirts, long socks, tie or bow on the chest. Having big eye, eye rush and long legs.
Showing full of girl’s complicate thinking and feeling about love. It’s kinds of romanticism for girls.

girl manga page

On the other hand, most of boy’s manga magazine’s stories are talking about adventure, action or sports.
The best sale boy’s magazine in Japan is weekly “syonen Jump“.
Dragon ball“, “One Peace“, “Slum Dunk” release from this magazine at the first.

One piece& Dragon ball

Boys are crazy to buy this magazine weekly. They knows which shops sell earlier than others.
Some of shops sold out the magazine easily.

Recently, official web site shows this magazine’s contents.

My girl friends, who has young brothers also became crazy to find out “syonen Jump” .
Around the magazine’s release day, she was rushing to go book shop.

At that time, we had never thought those story become popular so much internationally.

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