Japanese Figurine is a value of art work !? 日本のフィギアは芸術!?


Figurine is not only children’s toy it becomes a value of art work .
After Japanese artist Murakami Takashi‘s figurine, My Lonesome Cowboy, is successful bidden 300hundred million dollar in
Sotheby’s auction.

Takashi Murakami Work

I think the Figurine culture is starting from Gundam‘s plastic model, It’s called “Gunpla”.

In 80’s, Gunpla hobby was mega boom. Most of boys were crazy about it.
In the Gundam story, many types of battle machines, fight and shows unique weapons or functions belonging each type of machine.
I love the Gundam. I’ts not only talking about battle machines, but also it’s human drama seriously.
Gundam producer once decided ending the story.
However, many Japanese companies against it as they could make billion of profit from Gundam products.


In 90’s, character figurine was becoming popular following with geek culture.
Geek boys have many collection of character’s figurine. It’s not only battle machine one, but also girl doll one.
Even the convenience chain shop or snack company often have character’s figure present campaign for promoting their products.


If you want to see figurine  shop in Japan, I recommend two place.

One is Nakano, where is around 10 minutes from mid of Tokyo by Train.
Close to North exit of Nakano station, You can find  Nakano Broad Way shopping Mall.
In side of the bulding, There are many figurine shops, popular shops are at Grand floor “GANKING”, at first floor “merry go round toy store”
and second floor “ROBOT ROBOT”.

robot robot

Also, Akihabara is one of famous place as figurine shopping.
At left side of “電気街口”Electronic City Exit, Its easy to find ラジオ会館, Rajio kaikan”,Radio Hall.
It’s sounds like radio stuff shop, but there are many figurine shops from 2nd to 7th floor in this building .

The liberty 8th building has also great figurine shops. The building is close to subway Ginza line’s Suehiro station and it’s along with Chuou Street.
The building is called as 8th building or hobby and figurine hall. The shop has figurine’s buy and sale  business in cash.

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