Women working in Japan 日本で働く女性


Japanese society is still man dominate woman especially in work place.

In job interview, all are interviewer are old man and asked strange questions.
Asking about marriage, boy friend and age. Worst question is that “Did you stay over friend’s home last night? ”
My home is far from the place so I exactly stayed over my best friend’s home and answer ” Yes, I did”.
And he asked me again.” Is he or she?” ????? I honestly answered the question at the time, but think about it. It’s so strange.

In the work place, my manager asked me about marriage
” Do you have a plan to get marry with your boy friend? because you are a bit old now.”
Thanks for worrying about me but I thought it’s too much.

Office Lady making tea

Also a big nightmare was in the company’s dinner party. As women must pour boss’s drink, sake, beer, wine or whisky.
And have to help all serving, singing karaoke and using formal Japanese language strictly.
If we didn’t it, It might be sucked or could not keep good relationship with boss in the office.
We called the work is “接待”a reception committee, however, it seems like a hostess so it’s totally only for men’s enjoyment.


Most of companies dislike to employ over thirty years old women at Japanese company.
Many my girl friends leave Sydney before becoming thirty years old as they are scared of lose work opportunity.

Companies believe even they hire women, who will leave position soon due to marriage, pregnancy or nurse parents.
Thus, they  give more opportunity to men.


Work condition is going to be bad because of that people don’t complain and speak out the problem.
Work union doesn’t manage and help us. Also,work law aren’t regulated well.
If it works well, people doesn’t need to do over work, service work and make unfair situation.

I think that why number of new born baby population is going down.
In the situation, people are difficult to keep balance between working and family life.
Hope Japanese government or company change the policy, which much more considering women’s and familie’s life style.

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