Sumo Wrestler’s Life お相撲さんの生活


Japanese sumo wrestling had been continued since 1000 years ago.

Sumo is strong connection with Japanese traditional religion “Shindo”.
Dedication sumo festival are common event all over Japan even recently.

Japanese people believe doing sumo is god rites that healthy and powerful guy shows sumo fighting for respecting and thanks for god.
Thus sumo has many strict ceremonious rule.
For example, women could not enter in side of sumo ring or sumo wrestler should wear only their loincloth on the ring.

Sumo wrestler’s life style is also regulated by strict traditional way.
The wrestler‘s position are divined in level groups.
Each groups has different wage, way to wear clothes, work and schedule of day.

They have to wear kimono and Japanese sandals every time.
The quality of their kimono and sandal or arranging of hair style are depend on grade level.

sumo hair style

Lowest level wrestler must work hard, cleaning, cooking, washing, going shopping for higher level one.
All young new wrestler works hard and learning about patient.

lowest level “Jonokuti” ‘s day schedule.

5:00 wake up. stating practise

12:00 finish practise. taking bath. having lunch

14:00 clear way the dish and table. having a afternoon nap

16:00 cleaning room. preparing for dinner.

18:00 dinner

19:30 clear way the dish and table. free time

23:00 going to bad

So they work hard from early morning.

If you want to be sumo wrestler, you should become a disciple of stable.

The require is less than 23rd years old and more than 167 cm tall.
You must graduated compulsory education and need to submit
acceptance letter from parents, health certificate,graduate certificate and regiment’s card.

I forget really important thing. You must be a man.
So woman never have a chance to be sumo wrestler..


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