Tattoo 入れ墨


tattoo man

It could say that tattoo is kind of Japanese traditional art.

Edo period, between 1603 to 1868 ,is the golden age of the tattoo.
In that time, tattoo is strongly effected by “Nishikie“, Japanese woody colour print.
The motives are beauties of nature, region or actors face, etc.,


Edo people use tattoo with their life style.
construction worker, fire men or carpenter were favourite to have colourful style tattoo
for showing off their occupation.

It was popular for using as carved seal in red light district.
Prostitutes shows loyalty to the patron.

Or Edo government regulated that wrongdoer must to have tattoo to let know people
past crime record. However, people doesn’t want to keep it and got bigger tattoo for  hiding it.

Recently, tattoo is controversial issue in society.
Having tattoo is generally people think symbol of Yakuza’s member.

Yakuza is using tattoo as making of isolation from general society and
making a loyalty to the yakuza group or threatening with general people.


Many public place, public bath, pool, spring bath or sauna service, prohibit to enter some one having tattoo
because those business want to keep secure environment, nothing ruin from Yakuza groups.
Yakuza customers often causes troubles with general customers.

Big companies or government office would not employ tattoo person.
If they find out someone have it, even sacking them.

On the other hand, new generation doesn’t care of image of tattoo.
They enjoy tattoo as fashion or using for symbol of love.

Also after flourishing subculture, some young people make their favourite animation character or idol’s face’s one.

anime tattoo

I found out some of tattoo shops in Tokyo.
If you want to try traditional Japanese tattoo, visit the shop.

Lady Gaga came the shop.

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