Rattan crafts 籐工芸


Even I am a native Japanese, I am still leaning many things about traditional Japanese art and craft from this Face Book group.
I am helping translation from Japanese to English for Japanese people here.

Today,Tomoko Ohmoto’s art works has uploaded at the page.

Rattan craft bag
Bag with Rattan Craft by Tomoko Ohmoto

She makes a hand made bag, basket and accessary with 籘,”tou”, rattan.

The rattan crafts is designated as “Traditional Crafts” in Tokyo.
Rattan craftsman make basket, sandal and furniture.

Rattan crafts

The rattan is similar to bamboo. Yet, The difference with the characteristic of the bamboo is that
it becomes soft after soaking in water then becomes stiff after drying out.

The rattan used as material of making ancient weapon, bow, hatchet, or armour, since more than 1000 years ago in Japan.


In Meiji period, it came to be used as raw materials of the furniture with progress of the rattan crafts.
Chair is the most popular product at that time. Then, in Taisyo period, a lot of basket and baskets came to be made .

Furthermore, after 1945, the big boxes furniture things, such as chest of drawers came to be made.
Currently, rattan crafts have become popular as conventional household furniture.


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