“Nambu Tekki”, South Ironware 南部鉄器


“Nambu Tekki”, south ironware is the proud of  traditional handicraft of  Tohoku, the northeastern region of Honshu.

The name of “Nambu”was came from Nambu Nobunao who was feudal lord of Morioka Around 400 years ago.


Natural resources in Tohoku area are Iron sand,  rock iron, clay, lacquer  and charcoal.
Those natural resouces requirements that are ideal for foundry industry.

Thus, foundry industry production prospered around the area.


Unfortunately, the industry’s number of craftsmen were declined  while World War Two, .
Because of under the strict regulation by wartime structure, Iron industry was prohibited except army production.

After the war, demand of the industry was turned dow.It is pushed to aluminum ware, and the demand decreases.
However,recently to defeat such of present conditions and producing and selling famous designers’ designed ironware.

Outside shop

‘Nangu tetubin”, south iron kettle  is the most Representative product from the production.


The product is not only sophisticated designed one, but also having great function for maintain people’s health.

Iron is liquated out from iron kettle. It’s 2 values iron which is easy to be absorbed to a body.
Iron kettle provides nutrition of iron inside of the hot water so just drinking everyday’s tea or coffee gives you iron.

It doesn’t necessary to buy and take iron supplements!!


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