Haruki Murakami’s Book 村上春樹の本


I like Haruki Murakami’s book.
His writing expression inspires strong imagination.
Many artists like his book because of it .

Most of his story doesn’t  finish clear ending.

I red “Kafka on the shore” .
The end of this story is also a bit Incompleteness.


Also I red and love “Sputnik Sweetheart” as this story is so beautiful.
I understand main character ‘K’s feeling.


Some people dislike that as feeling unsatisfied after reading.
But, I think unclear ending also give us many imagination.

I like to think and imagine the continuing story after reading.
If Murakami is doing it according to purpose, He would be mega smart guy.

My Australian friend asked me that “does Murakami has dark character?
because in his story, many people do commit suicide and die.”

I answered “no, he has unique and funny character”

As I red his book “Sydney!” , which is his documentary essay about Sydney Olympics.


In this book, he is talking about travel Sydney and reporting Olympics games.
He said that he doesn’t like Olympics.
He is talking about Australian culture and Olympics games with comical view.
It’s so funny.

The contents are totally different from his fiction story.
I can see his character from this book.He is unique and funny.

Unfortunately, this book doesn’t publish in English.
I hope someday this book will be translated then my Australian friend can read this book!

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